William Wilson with first baby carriage.

In the beginning

The Silver Cross story began in 1877 when British inventor and engineer William Wilson developed an innovative spring system and reversible hood, which he combined into a design for the first modern pram that we all know today. William was a prolific inventor and by the turn of the century had many patents and designs in production.

Royal appointment

By the turn of the century Silver Cross was a major manufacturer of high quality prams supplying the Royal family including King George VI and later Queen Elizabeth II.

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The Rolls Royce of Prams

By the middle part of the 1900s Silver Cross was regarded as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of prams and in 1948 Prince Charles was presented with a specially developed pram. At this time, Silver Cross had developed a wide range of convertible prams and was already exporting prams worldwide.

Mother pushing baby in iconic Silver Cross pram

A household name

By the 1960s Silver Cross was established as Britain’s premier pram manufacturer and new designs were launched to meet the changing demands of modern families. Silver Cross was now a household name loved and trusted by parents around the globe.

Record Breaking Wayfarer

In the 1980s Silver Cross was one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and the launch of the original Wayfarer resulted in sales of over 1 million units in the decade.

Surf 2

The Best Start in Life

Today, Silver Cross is still developing and designing the very best products for baby transport, safety and the home. We are immensely proud of our past and that millions of babies have been safely carried in our products. Our global expansion continues to give even more babies the best start in life.